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Confectioneries packaging materials
Coffee / Tea
Oils / Ghee
Spices / Salt
Pickles / Jams
Cereals / Noodles
Biscuits / Chips

We make the packaging materials for various products in Roll and Pouch form for the following products and more

Championpackaging Confectioneries
Championpackaging Condiments
Championpackaging Coffee / Tea
Championpackaging Oils / Ghee
Championpackaging Spices / Salt
Championpackaging Pickles / Jams
Championpackaging Cereals / Noodles
Championpackaging Biscuits / Chips
Championpackaging Chocolates / Cakes
Championpackaging Soaps / Shampoo / Detergents
Championpackaging Pharmaceuticals / Chemicals
Championpackaging Contraceptives
Championpackaging Beverages
Championpackaging Agarbathis (incense sticks)
Championpackaging Seeds / Fertilizers
Championpackaging Animal Feeds
Championpackaging Batteries
Championpackaging PVC Shrink Sleeves (for Mineral water/cosmetics/bottle wraps etc.,)
Chocolates / Cakes
Soaps / Shampoo / Detergents
Pharmaceuticals / Chemicals
Seeds / Fertilizers
Animal Feeds
PVC Shrink Sleeves
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